Ecofaubourgs® is a comprehensive and innovative approach to designing forward-thinking projects for urban areas.

Presentation Ecofaubourgs®

Reconciling the individual with society and the environment

We are witnessing the emergence of a new form of city that is more and more conscious of sustainable development and seeks to reconcile urban lifestyles and economic dynamism with environmental conservation. Structured around various kinds of network, it aims to be mobile, connected and service-oriented.

These changes demand a new form of housing, which is why we have set up Ecofaubourgs®. Combining the experiences of a contractor with research by a team of academics, this innovative concept for collective living offers far more than just housing: it is a response to city-dwellers’ increasingly varied demands in terms of mobility, consumer goods, social life and leisure activities. Ecofaubourgs® help to make cities a friendlier and more sustainable place to live.